Secretariat of the College Council

It is the body that deals with the meetings of the Faculty Council – the highest scientific and administrative authority in the college – which consists of the heads of scientific departments, as well as the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs.

On the other hand, it organizes meetings of the College Council and documents the minutes of the meetings, and performs the following duties:

1- Preparing the agenda of the meeting of the College Council, to discuss its paragraphs during the meeting.

2- Preparing the minutes of the College Council, which includes everything discussed at the council meeting, approving it, amending it, or rejecting it from the agenda paragraphs, and submitting the record to Mr. Dean (President of the Council) for signature, and then sending it to the secretariat of the University Council for ratification.

3- Inform the heads of departments, scientific assistant and administrative assistant to ratify the minutes of the College Council when it comes from the secretariat of the University Council to start implementing what has been decided and ratified.

4- Documenting the records of the boards of the college departments and obtaining the approval of the Dean (President of the Council) on them, and referring topics that need the approval of the University Council to the secretariat of the University Council in order to present them to the members of the University Council and make the appropriate decision on them.

5- Follow-up the implementation of the decisions of the College Council.