Speech by The Head of sociology:

Established as a department of the Faculty of Arts at Wasit University in 2005, the Department of Sociology has since 2005-2006 become a department of the Faculty of Arts. He has produced several courses in sociology. The department's vision is to provide a distinct qualitative education comparable to local and regional levels. Through this education, students acquire scientific knowledge, technical skills to understand social problems and issues in their community, and contribute effectively to their solution.  

It should be noted that the department of sociology includes highly experienced faculty members, competence and diversity in research, education and community service working in a harmonious team spirit, allowing students the opportunities to form a solid knowledge base and acquire high technical skills to serve the community in various fields.

We do not exaggerate to say that today's sociology outputs value and give more confidence and confidence to the efforts made by the state, the higher education sector, scientific research and the university in order to achieve a development that promotes society and achieves the desired development.

In addition to the above, these outputs have been contributed by a group of professors in various disciplines, who have worked with dedication side by side. To complement this successful process, we now feel the need to make more efforts to achieve quality education, training, research and quality in management to ensure the opening of a climate of positive interaction and effective communication in the service of science, student, university and society.

Professor Dr.

Walid Abd Al , Jabr Al , Khafaji

Head of Sociology

Faculty of Arts – Wasit University