Tasks and responsibilities

1- Participating in the committees and meetings to which he is invited and expressing opinions on the results and decisions and participating in internal and external legal seminars in accordance with the instructions issued by the Dean.
2- Helping to make appropriate decisions based on the facts received and specific to the Legal Affairs Division.
3- Answering all legal questions and inquiries from the departments and people of the college, and providing legal advice in all matters related to the college on legal rights, obligations and duties.
4- Verify that all legal legislation is already in force in the College and initiate the identification of gaps in the decisions and instructions in force in the College by applying them to reality and proposing the necessary amendments to them.
5- Follow-up disputes and cases to which the College is a party and supervise the preparation of the necessary and documented documents to free the party of the college from any lawsuit against it.
6- Work to build friendly relations with all colleges and the presidency of the university, which in turn provides the necessary legal support to the college in the management of its legal affairs.
7- Developing the legal strategies and public policies of the college to help reduce lawsuits and overcome differences and problems with the external and internal parties of the college.
8- Membership of the commissions of inquiry related to violations attributed to teachers, staff and students, or in complaints filed against them or against them or in cases and matters that the College considers the formation of an investigative committee to study it and supervise the preparation of the records of the investigation after its conduct and impose penalties on violators in accordance with the law of discipline of state employees and the public sector No. 14 of 1991 amended.