One of the most important tasks of the Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division is as follows:

1- Filling out the calendar files received from the university presidency/ department of quality assurance and performance evaluation (calendar file for the performance of the college, file of evaluation of the performance of the senior university leaders, file of evaluation of faculty members, file of evaluation of the performance of employees, and any other calendar files) and returned it to quality assurance and evaluation of performance after completion.
2- Spreading the culture of the concepts of quality and performance evaluation in higher education and its role in the service of the individual and society as well as seeking to hold seminars, regular meetings and qualitative workshops and enhance the degree of awareness of the culture of quality assurance in order to reach international quality standards and in coordination with the Department of Quality Assurance in the presidency of the University.
3- Involve teaching and career staff in theoretical and practical courses and participate in seminars and conferences on quality assurance and university performance evaluation.
4- Completing studies and research papers and submitting proposals that will improve the quality assurance and university performance.