1. Preparing specialists and researchers in the fields of literary and human knowledge, both theoretical and applied .With a focus on quality and work to form a national and scientific character of the college, by stimulating patriotic sentiment and the values ​​of democracy, freedom, human rights and respect for others.
2. Conducting scientific research related to the college’s specializations, contributing to provide science and knowledge directing scientific research to society .as well as identifying its problems, providing appropriate solutions to overcome them, and cooperating with civil society institutions.
3.Communicating with corresponding departments and colleges as well as research centers, and Iraqi, Arab, regional, and international scientific institutions, by establishing twin relationships and cultural protocols to figure out what specialized knowledge has reached in the countries of those colleges.
4. Focusing on disseminating knowledge, developing culture, contributing to cultural and scientific activities and events.also supporting faculty members in the college to write and publish methodological and source books in the existing academic disciplines in the college.
5. Continuously striving to update curricula in areas of specific specialization, in line with the development taking place in various fields of knowledge, and adopting the latest developments in the process of designing and building democratic university curricula.